Peru extractive sector projects

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The Pucamayo property is located 180 km SE of Lima and within the same precious metals belt as the multi-million ounce Yanacocha, Alto Chicama, and Peirina Au-Ag deposits.

Condor de Oro

Condor de Oro project is situated along the Peruvian border with Ecuador and lies within the Cordillera del Condor, potentially one of the most significant emerging gold and copper belts in the world. There has been very little modern day exploration carried out to date along the Peruvian side of the border due largely to geopolitical events and restrictions imposed by the Peruvian government. The mining code was revised in 1992 to permit mining in the frontier regions.

Kury Inytsa

The 70 km2 property comprises a total of 10 mining concessions duly filed with the Peruvian mining authority (Instituto Nacional de Concessiones y Catastro Minero -- INACC), and strategically located a few kilometres east and north of the Company's Sol de Oro and Condor de Oro projects. Documentation for the necessary permission required by foreign mining companies operating within 50 kilometres of the border with Ecuador is under preparation.

La Libertad

La Libertad was originally owned by BHP but was abandoned by them when they left Peru in 2006. Based on the size of the porphyry copper system on the property, the intensity of alteration, the strongly developed quartz-limonite stockwork vein system, and the presence of high grade secondary copper enrichment, Condor geologists believe that the La Libertad prospect exhibits potential to host a significant porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit.


Sampling of the property in July 2007 returned widespread and highly anomalous Cu, Au, Ag, Mo, Pb and Zn assays within the area targeted for drilling. Condor is actively seeking a joint venture partner for the Ocros property.

Sol de Oro

Condor geologists consider the Sol de Oro property to exhibit potential to host economic gold and base metal mineralization. In September 2008 Condor attained an irrevocable right to acquire a 100% interest in the Sol de Oro gold and base metals property in the newly-emerging Cordillera del Condor gold and copper belt in northern Peru along the border with Ecuador.


The Pucarima project is within the central Andes mineral belt in northern Peru, located 45 km NW of the Pierina gold-silver mine operated by Barrick Gold Corporation and 10 km SW of the Pashpap Cu-Mo porphyry project. 

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La Oroya Metallurgical Complex (CMLO)

A set of smelters and refineries specially designed to transform the poly-metallic mineral typical of the central Peruvian Andes in ten metals. La Oroya manages three separate but fully integrated circuits for processing copper, lead and zinc and a sub-circuit for processing precious metals.


This unit, considered one of the most mechanized underground mines in the country, provides 30% of copper concentrate processing the La Oroya metallurgical complex. The most important achievements in the management of the copper mine have been in the areas of environment and safety. The Cobriza mine's rescue team’s most significant achievements have been occupying the 4th position in the First Aid Competition at the Fifth International Rescue Miner in China, organized by the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

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Southern Copper Corporation

Southern Copper is the world's largest publicly trade copper mining company; and the world's seventh largest copper mining company based on 2007 sales. In addition, the firm is the eighth largest copper smelting company. The firm ranks among the world's largest producers of molybdenum, silver and zinc. Southern Peru Copper Corporation, a holding company, is Peru's largest privately owned concern. It operates the Toquepala and Cuajone mines, some 10,500 to 10,900 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains.

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Newmont Mining Corp.


Minera Yanacocha is the largest gold producer in Latin America. Water quality and supply have been the primary issues of concern for nearby communities of the operation, as they rely on water for farming and agriculture. To address this, the operation built a reverse-osmosis plant and upgraded the existing acid-water treatment plants to ensure that only high-quality water leaves the property.

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BHP Billiton Plc. / Glencore / Mitsubishi / Teck


Compañía Minera Antamina S.A. represents the most significant investment in the history of Peruvian mining (approximately US$2.26 billion). Antamina operates in an area with low environmental and economic standards. The Conchucos Valley, immediately surrounding the mine, is a remote area in Peru that has little access to resources for development and was at the mercy of terrorist violence in the 1980s. This is the reality that Antamina seeks to transform and improve with joint effort and work.

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Vale | Company website


The operation will be initiated in 2010 and produce about 3.9 million tons of phosphoric rock concentrate per year. It is one of the largest phosphate deposits in South America. Vale has maintained an open and transparent dialog with the local communities in order to inform them about the development of the project. Two qualification programs were accomplished for the population of Sechura. One qualified 360 inhabitants of the province in safety and health, environment and introduction to the mining industry.

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Monterrico Metals PLC

Rio Blanco

Rio Blanco is a porphyry copper deposit which is situated at the northern end of the Peruvian copper-gold belt. Rio Blanco is one of the largest undeveloped copper resources in the world today. The target date for first production is 2011. Monterrico has commissioned Knight Piésold (Peru) to complete an independent Environmental and Social Impact Assessment ("ESIA"). The ESIA will be subject to a formal consultation process before the project is approved and permitted. Meanwhile the company has an active social program with the local communities.

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Rio Alto

La Arena

The project lies within a multi-million ounce gold district that includes the Lagunas Norte mine (Barrick Gold Corporation) located at Alto-Chicama, the Comarsa mine (Compania Minera Aurifera Santa Rosa S.A.), the La Virgen mine (Compania Minera San Simon S.A.), the Shahuindo gold-silver exploration project (Sulliden Exploration Inc.) and the Tres Cruces gold exploration project (New Oroperu Resources Inc.).

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Toromocho Copper Mining Project

Chinalco believes that Toromocho is one of the highest quality undeveloped copper projects in the world. This project represents an important step in Chinalco’s strategic expansion outside China.  Chinalco expects to utilise its financial and technical strengths to develop the Toromocho Project.

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Volcan | Company website

Volcan is a large polymetallic producer located in the Central Sierra of Peru, with exploration projects in the Yauli, Cerro de Pasco, Chungar and Vinchos regions of Peru.

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Milpo | Company website

Milpo has operations at Cerro Lindo, Atachoca, El Porvenir and Chapi. Chapi is currently evaluating the feasibility of becoming a "megaproject" because it has identified the presence of a resource of over 450 million tonnes of 0.45% CuT, which could establish the economic viability of an operation of 50,000 tons of ore per day.

Milpo has exploration campaigns at Hillarion Project, Pukaqaqa Project, Mega Chapi, San Jose Project and Project Sierra Valenzuela.

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Fission 3.0

Macusani Project

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Oil and Petrol

Peru is encouraging companies to invest in the resource-rich Amazon jungle -- thought to have vast and largely untapped reserves of oil and natural gas. PeruPetro, the government agency that hands out licences for hydrocarbon exploration and development, also plans to offer 17 new lots for concessions this year, in the northern and central jungle regions and in the southern region of Puno. Peru could potentially triple their oil production.


With a US$951 million investment in 2010, Ecopetrol plans to drill 20 exploratory wells, 13 of them directly in Colombia and 7 overseas in conjunction with partner companies. Four wells will be drilled in the Gulf of Mexico, two in Brazil and one in Peru.


Petroperu owns the Talara refinery, and also operates the Conchan Refinery in Lima; Iquitos Refinery in Loreto; and El Milagro refinery in Amazonas. Most of the region is supplied by fuel coming from these plants which refine over 85 thousand barrels of crude oil per day, produce gasoline, liquefied gas, jet fuel for aircraft, diesel, kerosene, industrial oils and asphalts and other by-products.


Petrobras plans to carry out two exploratory drilling wells this coming year. The company has confirmed between one trillion and 1.5 trillion cubic feet of gas in Block 58. Petrobras also earlier expressed interest in developing a petrochemical industry to make fertilizers in Peru to take advantage of natural gas coming from the Camisea fields.

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