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The Canadian Embassy in Guatemala
13 Calle 8-44, Zona 10 Edyma Plaza, Nivel 8
Guatemala City, 01010, Guatemala

Tel: (502) 2363-4348
Fax: (502) 2365-1215


The Ministry of Energy and Mines

The website for the Ministerio de Energia y Minas is the government information portal for the mining and energy sector. It contains information on the history of mining exploration within the country, a time line of legislative acts that govern the sector, information on mining licenses, environmental impact assessments, statistics, industry contacts, announcements as well as useful links to relevant government and affiliated organizations.

National Council for Protected Areas (CONAP)

The government agency responsible for the conservation, rehabilitation, and protection of Guatemala's natural resources and its biodiversity. The agency works closely with the Ministry of the Environment and Natural resources (MARN) and its approval is required for the issuance of permits, the acepatance of company tendered environmental assessments and generally any mining projects that may affect the country’s enviromentally protected areas.

Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARN)

Public institution responsible for the preservation and improvement of the environment and natural resources in Guatemala.


Private sector CSR initiative
Guillermo E. Monroy
Executive Director
5 Calle 0-50, Zona 14
Edificio Anacafé 3er Nivel
01014 Guatemala, Guatemala
Tel. & Fax (502) 366-4679

Centrarse is supported and sponsored by the Canadian and Guatemalan governments in their promotion of “an attitude of change among companies to encourage them to incorporate business social responsibility as a key factor of their business strategy.”

Camara de industria de Guatemala (Chamber of Industry)

Lic. Javier A. Zepeda Herman
Executive Director
Edificio Camara de Industria, 8o nivel
Ruta 6, 9-21 Zona 4
Guatemala 01004
Phone: +011 502 2380 9000
Fax: +011 502 2380 9110

Gremial de minas y canteras y procesadoras (Union of mines, quarries and processors)

Mr. Douglas Gonzalez
For further information contact:
Lic. Ana Rosa de Alvarez
Executive Director
Tel. 2334-4848 ext. 129

Centro Guatemalteco de producion mas limpia (Guatemalan centre for greening industrial production)

The Centre and its initiatives are supported by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNDO) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). It receives national funding from the Guatemalan Chamber of Industry and the University Del Valle De Guatemala. Its mission is to help businesses develop by facilitating services that promote the necessary conditions and local capacity to apply greener production methods to industries. This is done in an effort to make them more efficient, competitive and environmentally sound.

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The International Labor Organization listing of the country’s local and regional worker’s unions. Each listing includes contact information, date of establishment, organizational structure, agreements and affiliations.

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