Getting started – CSR in Guatemela

This section contains a variety of sources that companies can use in navigating the diverse areas of CSR. They are broadly organized under government- and industry-led, including Canadian and Guatemalan governments and private sector organizations. Other organizations are described in the directory.

The Canadian Trade Commission’s office is an excellent starting place for CSR-related information within Guatemala. It has organized multi-stakeholder workshops bringing together representatives from government, industry and various CSOs on a number of CSR-related areas. The Trade Commission works closely with Centrarse, Guatemala’s first and most prominent industry-led CSR organization. Centrarse provides companies with CSR indicators for Guatemala, as well as training modules, first steps manuals and specialized tools for the implementation of CSR specific to particular issues.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines portal will connect you to resources that include the country’s mining law, permit procedures and requirements, and a list of contacts to relevant, affiliated ministries and organizations, such as the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) and the National Council for Protected Areas (CONAP). These are both associated with permit issuance, environmental regulations and monitoring standards.

The Canadian Embassy in Guatemala
13 Calle 8-44, Zona 10 Edyma Plaza, Nivel 8
Guatemala City, 01010, Guatemala

Tel: (502) 2363-4348
Fax: (502) 2365-1215

The Canadian Trade Commission’s services include market reports and sector analyses, information on funding opportunities, import/export controls, trade shows, fairs and seminars. The Canadian Trade Commission in Guatemala also provides support and services to Canadian firms interested in bringing a CSR-focus to their international business operations. It has organized CSR-themed seminars, with a special focus on the extractive sector. These seminars typically include stakeholder representatives from Guatemalan government ministries, NGOs, indigenous organizations and representatives of Canadian companies. The Trade Commission has worked closely with Centrarse, Guatemala’s main private-sector-led CSR organization, to hold workshops on CSR practices.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s (broken link) on-line resource containing an outline of the Canadian government’s CSR strategy for mining companies doing business abroad. It includes an outline of voluntary principles on security and human rights designed to “ help corporations anticipate and mitigate risks associated with the hiring of public or private security companies to safeguard extractive sector operations.” DFAIT also produces a CSR E-Bulletin containing relevant, up-to-date information detailing the Government of Canada’s CSR initiatives both at home and abroad.

The CSR practices implementation guide for Canadian businesses includes principles and guidelines, management systems, indicators, measurements, reporting and benchmarking information as well as other CSR tools.

An overview of the International Labor Organization’s (broken link) work with Indigenous and Tribal Peoples provides information on the content of Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples, signed and ratified by the Guatemalan government, and the supervisory role of the ILO with respect to its implementation. Topics include representation and complaints procedures, technical cooperation and assistance.

Implementing Indigenous Peoples' Rights: A Practice Guide to ILO Convention No. 169 (broken link) Multi-stakeholder collaboration on outlining and detailing the main aspects of indigenous and tribal peoples’ rights as well as a set of “practical tools for the implementation of indigenous peoples’ rights, based on the experiences, good practices and lessons learned that have been generated so far.”

Application of Convention No. 169 by domestic and international courts in Latin America - A casebook (broken link) Summaries of judicial decisions from ten countries in Latin America (includes Guatemala) plus a selection of relevant judgments and reports from the Inter- American human rights system, contextually-presented within a discussion of each country’s legal system.

IFC – A Community Development Resource Guide For Companies (broken link)

The International Finance Corporation publishes a guide to help its International Finance Corporation clients and other companies to establish “effective community development programs for communities located near or affected by their operations.