DRC – helpful links

Government Contact Information

Canadian Embassy

Street address: 
17, Pumbu Avenue, Gombe Commune, Kinshasa 
Democratic Republic of Congo 

Mailing address: 
The Embassy of Canada 
P.O. Box 8341 Kinshasa 1
Democratic Republic of Congo

Tel: (243) 89-895-0310/0311/0312
Fax: (243) 99-997-5403 or 81-301-6515
Email: knsha@international.gc.ca
Website: CanadaInternational.gc.ca

DRC Mining Land Register

Mailing address: 
Intersection of Kasa-Vubu, Mpolo and Tombalbaye, à Kinshasa/Gombe
BP 7987, Kin 1

Tel: (243) 01-516-2618 
Email: info@cami.cd
Cami.cd (French only)

Congolese Mining Ministry

Mailing address: 
4155, rue des Coteaux, Quartier Petit Pont, Kinshasa / Gombe
BP 9378, Kin 1

Tel: (243) 81-030-6644 
MinistereDuPlan.cd (French only)
DRCMining.com (French only)




AMC.co.zm (broken link)

A consulting company that has done Environmental Impact Assessments for the extractive sector.

AnyWaySolutions.com (broken link)

A firm that has developed a specific CSR supportive process for companies requiring an infrastructure investment element to a CSR project.


A network of not-profits working on a range of CSR issues, primarily those concerned with local, social and economic stability.


A network of information on geology and prospecting in the DRC.


An advocacy organization based in Washington, DC, the FOTC was established in 2004 and works with Congolese institutions from diverse sectors of the society. The organization currently runs the Congo Delegation Initiative (CDI) - an effort to establish links between various sectors of the Congolese society with the global community, ranging from business interests and women's rights to religious and student groups. One can request to be part of a planned trip to the Congo.

HealAfrica.org (broken link)

An organization that oversees a hospital and 28 healing centres for war victims.


A health services NGO with a heavy presence in the DRC since 1996.


Offers public information relating to the DRC mineral sector. (French only)

PanziHospitalBukavu.org (broken link)

An institute committed specifically to providing health care and rehabilitation to the victims of rape.


An organization committed specifically to managing and supporting development issues at the local level within in the Great Lakes region, DRC. (French only)


One of the groups involved in advocating for the mining contract review undertaken by the DRC through Gecamines, the state mining body.


Undertakes numerous projects to promote transparent, accountable and effective management of natural resource wealth.