Audit and Risk Committee

The CIM Audit and Risk Committee was formally constituted in 2014 following a revision to the CIM governance policies. The committee meets quarterly to review the financial position and results of CIM. We also meet with the external auditors at least annually. At the end of the 2015 audit we reviewed and recommended approval of the financial statements.

The committee convened in the summer and resolved to change external auditors. An RFP process was undertaken with CIM’s senior leadership team and we recommended a change of auditors to Deloitte.

The members annually review the status of priority items on the risk register and the status of internal controls remediation work. We look forward to working with CIM’s senior leadership team to oversee financial stewardship of CIM for 2017.

Committee members

Chair (Council member also sitting on the Executive Committee): Mark Patterson, PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc.

President (ex officio): Kenneth Thomas, Ken Thomas & Associates

Member (not on Council): David Whittle, Independent Consultant

Member (not on Council): Robert (Bob) Schafer, Eagle Mines Management LLC

CIM Director Finance and Business Systems: Benoit Sawyer, CIM

CIM Interim Executive Director (ex officio): Angela Hamyln, CIM