Using discrete element method to investigate ball milling power draw, load behaviour and impact energy profile under various milling conditions


M. B. Kime
University of Johannesburg
Johannesburg, South Africa
(Corresponding author:
Abstract Discrete element method (DEM) modelling has proven over many years to be a powerful tool for studying particulate systems within the mineral processing industry. DEM simulations were conducted to investigate the power draw, load behaviour and impact energy profile of an experimental ball mill under different milling conditions. The variables considered were mill rotational speed (% critical speed), ball size, and lifter face angle. The DEM simulation results indicated that the grinding efficiency would be enhanced by use of 80% critical speed, 30 mm ball diameter, and 45° lifter face angle. These findings can be useful in guiding actual ball milling tests involving an ore sample.
Keywords: Ball milling, Discrete element method (DEM), Impact energy, Load behaviour, Power draw
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