Resource Conflict and Worldview: A Quantifiable Methodology

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Michael Hitch (UBC), Mr Murray Lytle (Divisional Manager - National Energy Board)
This paper starts from the thesis that there is a correlation between resource conflict and the underlying worldviews of the project opponents. The methodology to “quantify” a person’s worldview and their propensity to be supportive of resource development is described in the paper.
A 142 item worldview and resource development questionnaire was developed and administered to a “random” selection of 297 individuals from around the world who identified their gender, age, location and relationship with resource development. Each respondent was asked to rank their responses to the questions on a scale of 1 to 6. The numeric answers were normalized and the resulting response matrix was subjected to a factor analysis to identify the worldview questions which were most relevant to the respondent’s views on resource development. The five worldview question responses which had the highest correlation with resource development were then used in a multivariate analysis to determine regression equations and accompanying determinants of correlation.
The result of the analysis suggests that, for this group of respondents at least, there are strikingly high correlations between certain aspects of their worldview and their views about resource development. Correlation does not make causation and, in the absence of repeated administrations of the questionnaire, the authors claim only an interesting correlation and a methodology for quantifying data which is inherently qualitative.
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