Using the right analytical method: the case of the REE-enriched IOCG Kwyjibo Project, Grenville Province, Quebec

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Serge Perreault (Géoscientifique principal - Soquem Inc.)
In the case of this project, and in collaboration with Accurassay
Laboratories, we tested different analytical methods, ICP-MS for REE and
trace elements, INAA for REE and trace elements, XRF on selected REE and
major elements and ICP-AES for major elements on selected high grade REE
mineralized samples to see the behavior of the different analytical methods
on a magnetite rich matrix that characterize the REE-enriched IOCG Kwyjibo
Project. Interestingly there is major discrepancies between the different
analytical method for enriched REE samples. We will look at the behavior of
P2O5 and Fe2O3 between XRF and ICP-AES. Also, using the full packages of
trace elements, reveal that some elements could act as mineralization
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