Modern Structural Geology in Mining

Vancouver 2014
Structural geology is a critical input into defining the geometry of most ore deposits, as well as for characterizing the rock mechanical and hydrological behaviour of the rock mass in mining environments. There is a general lack of best practice guidelines for geologists explaining what types of structural data should be collected and analysed in order to effectively communicate to engineers what they need to know about structural geometries, their properties and the natural variability of those properties. In addition, the use of modern technologies on the mine (in contrast to classical mapping tools) and inadequate training generally leave the geologist confused about how to capture data that is useful.
This presentation explores how modern tools can be used to capture detailed traditional geological mapping data on tablets, and be then be easily integrated with databases and rapid 3-D modelling software with minimum data manipulation and without then need for re-digitizing. The modern modelling and 3-D visualization tools can also aid the communication process with the engineers. Case studies are presented to illustrated the problems and solutions.
Keywords: technology, open pit, electrification, trolley assist, haul truck
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