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Mineral exploration is in a race to employ drilling technology that can perform the exploration and drilling investigation in a fast and inexpensive manner. After an extensive study of the available drilling technologies in the market, coiled tubing was chosen as a tool to be employed for mineral exploration due to its flexible mobility and ease of operation with a minimum number of personnel. Since coiled tubing technology is primarily used in the oil and gas industry, it was important to re-design the coiled tube rig to drill hard rocks in a fast and feasible manner. The main requirements were to drill the smallest feasible hole diameter and go as deep in the ground as possible, in the shortest reasonable time. The drilled rock particles, cuttings, are to be collected and analysed at the surface for their metal mineral contents. The process also needs to be repeated multiple times at different locations for mapping, without the need to change the tube on the rig due to failure or potential failure. The focus of the new designed coiled tube, for drilling and mineral exploration, is three fold. First is to increase the rate of penetration in drilling by designing a small high speed turbo motor.
Keywords: Drilling; Tubes; Materials; flow; Fluids; Mineral exploration; Motors; Performance; particles; Pressure;
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