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A series of field and laboratory evaluations were conducted in order to characterize the effects of a Mann+Hummel SMF-AR® diesel particulate filter (DPF) system on the aerosols and criteria gases emitted by diesel engines. This system, with a durable sintered metal filter media and available active regeneration via an on-board electrical heater, has been considered for retrofitting diesel engines used in light- and medium-duty underground mining applications. Two DPF systems were installed on a forklift and locomotive from the underground mining fleet of the Vale’s Creighton Mine and evaluated over a 1,500-hour trial. This evaluation was complemented with field and laboratory emissions tests. The field tests were performed on the vehicles while at the Creighton Mine surface shop. During those tests, the emissions were assessed for the engines operated at hydraulic stall, high idle, and low idle conditions. The laboratory tests were executed at the diesel engine emissions laboratory at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), here the DPF removed from the forklift was further evaluated at four steady-state engine operating conditions as well as at transient conditions using a custom-designed duty cycle. Very similar methodologies were used during field and laboratory tests to measure concentrations of aerosols and criteria gases in the diesel exhaust, both upstream and downstream of the DPF system. The concentrations and size distributions of aerosols were measured using a fast mobility particle sizer spectrometer, in exhaust diluted by a partial flow dilution system. The concentrations of CO2, CO, NO, and NO2 were measured in the raw exhaust using a Fourier transform infra-red spectrometer. Both field and laboratory emissions tests showed that the evaluated DPF systems were very effective in reducing aerosol emissions from all tested engines, and for all test conditions. The systems were found to have minor effects on gaseous emissions from those engines. The findings from this study should help the mining industry to better understand the benefits and challenges of using DPF systems to control the exposure of underground miners to diesel aerosols.
Keywords: Systems; Tests; test; Engines; Concentration; Laboratory; Exhausts; Size distribution; Locomotives; Filters;
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