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Rock and soil mechanics investigations were carried out in block VIII at Thar Coalfield, Pakistan. Most of the strata were mainly composed of sand, with an average content of 67.68 %. Laboratory studies of rock and soil samples from drill hole GT-01 revealed that the strata in block VIII are very weak with an average uniaxial compressive strength of 3.59 MPa, an average tensile strength of 0.68 MPa, an average Young’s Modulus value of 0.234 GPa, an average cohesion of 129.19 KPa, and an average friction angle of 55.47°. Slope stability analysis, based on a probabilistic approach, was carried out using Slide-V software. Monte Carlo simulations have been applied to investigate the probability of failure in the slopes of an open pit lignite mine in block-VIII. From the slope stability investigation, it was found that the probability of failure is 0 % at a slope angle of 16°.
Keywords: Slopes; formation; Soils; Soil; Tensile strength; analysis; Rock; Rocks; Lignite;
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