Acceleration of project schedule for targeting early revenue streams

Abstract To take advantage of a project’s financial opportunities, as well as improve the cash flow and the return on Investment, project schedule can be accelerated to complete the project earlier than planned. Project schedule acceleration can be achieved by using new analytical tools, such as Schedule Optimization, Schedule Reduction, Schedule Crunching or a combination of any of these concepts.

Schedule Optimization does not entail any extra costs; however, other acceleration methods such as Schedule Reduction, Schedule Crunching may require extra expenditures on the part of the owner. Based on the forecasted early start of the revenue stream, the expenditure could become a worthwhile venture with a very high rate of return.

To accelerate the schedule, all aspects of the project are reviewed. Acceleration costs are calculated and all risks and opportunities are evaluated and taken into consideration to determine if the acceleration is feasible and advisable and will result in a definite financial advantage. Sometimes schedule acceleration may be desired to prevent a company from paying liquidated damages if completion of the project is not expected as per the agreed upon schedule and the cost of acceleration is less than the liquidated damages that may accrue against the company.
Keywords: Innovation, Cost savings, Schedule optimization, Revenue targets, acceleration
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