Estimating rock mass properties and seismic response using higher order, discontinuous, Finite Element models

Rock Engineering 2009 - Rock Engineering in Difficult Conditions
Stephan Arndt, Brent Fillery, David Beck,
Abstract The load-deformation response of discontinuous rock under static and dynamic loading conditions has been simulated using Finite Element models. The intent of the analysis was to investigate the effects of specimen size and confining stress on strength, dilation and comminution.
The simulations allow the development of homogenised constitutive material properties for discontinuous rocks using laboratory scale measurements and representative DFNs and a procedure for this is presented which includes a comparison of measured seismic response in a mine to the Dissipated Plastic Energy (DPE) in the simulated rock masses. The models also show how confinement and scale affect the stress-strain and DPE response of the simulated rock specimens, reproducing a number of known rock phenomena that are often poorly captured in geotechnical modelling.
A case study is presented showing a sufficient match between the model-derived, homogenised material properties and values achieved by calibration of a mine-scale model where many thousands of seismic, displacement and damage measurements were available.
Keywords: Strength, Structure, closure, Seismicity, Stress, Energy, dilation
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