Rock Engineering 2009 - Rock Engineering in Difficult Conditions
yaodong Jiang,
Abstract The investigation on the mechanism of coal bumps is always one of the hot topics in the field of mining and rock mechanics study all over the world. Coal mine bumps are sudden failures near mine entries which may expel large amounts of coal and rock into the face area and cause damages to underground openings and to equipments. Persistent bump problems not only threaten the safety of mine workers, but also have caused the abandonment of large coal reserves. Researchers have made a large effort to understand, anticipate, and control this kind of hazard and achieved lots of helpful results. This paper briefly describes the characteristics and induced factors of coal mining bumps based on the recent bumps accidents happened in China. Based on the theory of non-equilibrium thermodynamic and dissipation structure, the process of energy accumulation and dissipation in the ‘coal-surrounding rock’ system is discussed during the propagation of coal bumps. Moreover, a series of experiments are finished to analyze the relationship between bump-prone property and microstructureal characteristics of coal. The process of coal bumps induced by propagation of fractures and deterioration of coal mass properties are also analyzed systematically.
Keywords: Microstructure, Fracture, bump prone property, coal bumps, energy dissipation
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