Manning Best Practice in Australia

CIM Toronto 2009
Stephen M. Williams, Mani Rajagopalan, Bronwyn Meadows Smith, Nicola J. Farrell,
Abstract This paper examines manning best practice in the Australian mining industry. In particular, the paper considers a range of mining operations and their manning levels as measured by operational benchmarking. The benchmarking results presented cover 15 open pit and 37 underground studies in Australia. The data was collected as part of AMC’s benchmarking and operational improvement studies conducted between 1999 and 2008.
The results examine overall manning levels in mining, processing and administration functions. Manning levels for a range of mining methods, including open pit and underground methods, are segmented. Productivity measures such as ore tonnes per man day and metres developed per man day are presented and where direct relationships can be established, the relationships are described.
Finally, the paper considers perspectives on best practice with regard to manning in the Australian mining industry and the limitations in application of this type of analysis in a global context.
Keywords: Underground, performace, Evaluation, Benchmarking, Best Practice, Manning, Labour, Open pit, Productivity, key drivers
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