Use of the IREDES Standard for Real-time Information Exchange in Mining Process Optimization

APCOM 2009
Christoph Müller, Guangxi Chen,
Abstract Information exchange for mine process optimization is essential. Today, modern mining equipment uses the IREDES standard to exchange production plans and reports for easy management and storage. To gain further benefits from process optimization, a mine wide access to real-time information is needed as e.g.: The current status of a machine, operational details etc. Presently, real-time data exchange systems are developed by machine producers. Each machine producer uses its own way of gathering, managing, and storing production data. These proprietary mining processes increase the complexity of cross platform data exchange and management for mines which involves machines produced by different vendors. Casting and unifying the data requires much effort. For this purpose, “IREDES On-line” currently is being introduced. The standard defines an open, web based method for the exchange of volatile real time machine information. Two different principles are used: Web Services for cross platform information exchange within the IT world and the optional OPC UA for use with automation and process control systems. With such a standard information from machines of different vendors may be managed by using one common platform without spending the effort for dedicated interface development. Additionally, information management and storage will become straight forward since all the data are of the same format. The IREDES On-line standard utilizes the latest IT technologies as well as the knowledge and experiences gained from the previous IREDES standard. The paper explains the benefits, the use, as well as the technical design of the standard and gives application examples from the practice.
Keywords: Standardization, Web services, Real-time, mining process optimization, cross platform, OPC UA
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