Quasi-Real Time Seismic Hazard Maps for Mining

APCOM 2009
Yves Potvin,
Abstract Mining-induced seismicity and rockbursting is one of the primary risks in deep mines. Seismic data management software has been created to facilitate analysis of mining-induced seismicity. The Mine Seismicity Risk Analysis Program (MS-RAP) is a purpose built database with mine seismicity analysis tools. One of the primary features of MS-RAP is the creation of seismic hazard maps in quasi-real time. The seismic hazard maps identify areas that are more prone to large seismic events and rockbursts, allowing risk management measures to be focused on the areas of greatest risk. These maps allow mining engineers to be more proactive about identifying and managing seismic related geomechanics risks in mines.
Keywords: Rockbursting, Risk management, Seismicity, Seismic hazard mapping, software
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