Graphical-Analytical Model of the Generation of Methods and Variants of Methods of Digging, Respectively of the Technologies and Technological Variants of the Execution of the Underground Mining Work

APCOM 2009
Abstract The literature in this field and the practical activity record that a method, respectively the technology used for an underground mining work have many components which, in order to be applied, demand that for each of the parameters that describe the environment of the mining work and that influence the chosing of that method and that technology of execution, must have values in an interval well determined. There are situations when one or many parameters of the set of parameters that describe the environment of the mining work, can modify its values, and, as a result, one or more components of the methods or technology cannot be applied anymore, making necessary a replacement of their values. The information offered by this graphical-analytical model allow the determination of optimum solutions for the process of digging of the underground mining work and thus it will result the incresing of the technical-economical efficiency of the digging process and, also the increasing of the quality of the underground mining work.
Keywords: connections matrix, technology of execution, Model, method of digging, underground mining work
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