A Queuing Network Model for Shovel-Truck-Crusher Systems in Open-pit Mining

APCOM 2009
Jiwen Zhang, Qing Wang
Abstract Due to the blocking nature at the crusher station, straightforward application of queuing theory cannot give realistic results on the performance of a shovel-truck-crusher system. A new queuing network-based model has been developed in which, the crusher station is formulated into an open queuing network and the whole shovel-truck-crusher system into a closed queuing network with the crusher station as a special server. To fully account for the influence of blocking, Monte Carlo simulation is first used to obtain the performance parameters of the open queuing network for the crusher station. The closed queuing network for the entire system is solved by applying the Extended Summation Method (ESUM), in which the crusher server is described by the simulation results. The model has been applied to the Yuanbaoshan open-pit coal mine to analyze its shovel-truck-crusher system and to improve its efficiency. Results indicate that the blocking at the crusher is an important factor affecting the crusher output and in turn the efficiency of the whole system, and prove that the model can realistically describe the behavior of such systems.
Keywords: Crusher Station, Blocking, Queueing Network, Open pit mining, Expanded Summation Method, Shovel-truck-crusher system
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