Mining environments that can contribute to corrosion of mining support

Jean François Dorion,
Abstract The long term capacity of support systems can be adversely influenced by corrosion. There are inherent benefits to be gained by a better understanding of the main corrosion agents and how they interact with installed support systems in underground mines. Previous work at Université Laval has focused on reviewing ground failures in metal mines and investigating the loss of support capacity attributed to corrosion.
This paper reports on the results of recent field investigations on the performance of various support systems under different mining and operational conditions. A field campaign has allowed the development of a preliminary database of salient parameters from five operating mines in Quebec. The database now includes information on the installed systems and is complemented by atmospheric data (humidity, temperature, and dust), water data as well as mineralogical information on the rock mass. These data are used as part of a more fundamental investigation on the relationship between mining environments and observed corrosion rates of support.
Keywords: Corrosion, Underground mining, Field trials, Support systems
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