9th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill
Abstract In order to mine safely with reasonable cost, it is necessary to research the fracture characters of backfill and its matches with rock mass. Four kinds backfill with cement-tailing ratio of 0.250, 0.125, 0.100 and 0.083 respectively were tested, and basing on stress-strain curves tested, the deformation characters and fracture laws as well as the damage constitutive equations investigated with damage mechanics whose calculating results are coincided with experiment results well were proposed. The results of damage analysis show that there have different damage characters in different backfill, e. g. the lower the ratio of cement to tailings the lower the damage values when stresses reach to peak value; the lower the content of cement the more rapid in damage and the more abrupt in breakage process. In addition, using catastrophe theory, an energy model was proposed for backfill and rock mass acted each other in mechanics, and the unstable condition of the system was obtained. Research results show that the higher is the stiffness of rock mass the more stable the system, and the lower is the ratio of cement to tailings, the more unstable the system will be. Further more, according to the catastrophe model proposed, the reasonable matches between backfill and rock mass were researched, and a calculation formula that designs reasonable strength of backfill during mining was put forward. It has been proved by practice that the model and theory researched in this paper can guide filling design in mining.
Keywords: constitutive equation, match of backfill and rock mass, Cemented tailings backfill, catastrophe theory
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