Status of IOCG Exploration in Canada

CIM Vancouver 2006
Abstract The bulk of the world’s known IOCG deposits occur in Proterozoic terranes (Gawler Craton, Cloncurry District, Sweden, southern Africa, Missouri). Archean examples are restricted to the important Carajas District of Brazil, and Phanerozoic examples occur in western South America. The distribution of IOCG-prospective geological environments in Canada mirrors the global pattern. IOCG mineralization is most common in the Proterozoic-examples include the Central Mineral Belt (Labrador), Grenville Province (Ontario/Quebec), Mid-Continent Rift (Ontario), Southern Province (Ontario), Trans Hudson Orogen (Manitoba), Great Bear Magmatic Zone (Northwest Territories), Wernecke Breccias (Yukon) and possibly Chibougamau in Quebec. Conclusive examples of Archean IOCG mineralization have yet to be discovered. Phanerozoic IOCG-style mineralization occurs along the Cobequid-Chedabucto Fault Zone in Nova Scotia, within the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec and in several areas within the Cordillera of British Columbia and the Yukon.

Effective exploration for IOCG deposits in Canada has only been conducted in the last 15 years, has been somewhat intermittent, and has been hindered by the lack of a comprehensive IOCG deposit model. Recent work, much of it empirical, has defined the major areas of prospectivity noted above, but in general, Canada’s IOCG potential is underappreciated. Possible economic mineralization has been discovered within the Central Mineral Belt, the Great Bear Magmatic Zone and the Cordillera. IOCG exploration is occurring at all the above localities and many more, and a number of promising results have been reported.
Keywords: Exploration, IOCG, Canada
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