ESPMS – An Earth Structure Performance Monitoring Management System

CIM Edmonton 2004
Song (Bruce) Li, Lee Nichols, Jamel Sgaoula, Norman Eenkooren, Samuel Saforo,
Abstract This paper presents a three-tiered web-based GIS application that uses Java Server Page (JSP), Java Servlet and relational database to manage performance monitoring activity and reporting in the oil sands mining industry. It is a real-time Earth Structure Performance Monitoring Management System (ESPMS), which allows the user to record and store instrumentation monitoring readings as well as technical observations and instrumentation installation documentations into a complete relational database.

The ESPMS introduces the advantages of precise field record keeping, due diligence, security, consistency and completeness while at the same time simplifying the task of reporting.

ESPMS combines web-based GIS mapping and data management to facilitate the collection, organization, retrieval, reporting and communication of the vast amounts of monitoring data related to mining and tailings engineering associated with site investigation and construction information.

ESPMS utilizes web-based GIS technology to incorporate referenced aerial photographs, USGS maps or AutoCAD drawings as a base map for the monitoring site. It dynamically creates and administers all instrumentation monitoring locations and reading frequencies. It enables the user to collect and manage all the data associated with an unlimited number of reading events.

It provides the designer with real-time monitoring data (what, why, when), thereby allowing them to make early adjustments to design protocols or procedures, or to take remedial action(s) regarding the subject earth structure under construction or after completion. It provides more cost-effective reporting and data sharing through the Internet. It improves security on data entry and eliminates unauthorized data changes. It allows better integration of graphics and illustrations with numerical data files. It is capable of managing the continually expanding workload resulting from new and larger structures in the oil sands or other mineral mining industries.

The ESPMS facilitates easier data gathering for preparation of as-built and after built or regulatory reports, etc. It enables quick location of the interested instruments and summarization of the performance of the instruments. It enables one to visualize performance data and QA/QC construction test results spatially on any given cross-section, rather than for the records of traditionally tabulated as usually found in construction reports. It can export the data to the MS Excel for detailed analysis and evaluate the stability of the earth structures.
Keywords: Tailing Structure Monitoring, GIS Web Earth Structrue Monitoring, Tailing construction Monitoring, GIS earth structure Performance monitoring, GIS web application
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