The need for technology standards for mobile equipment in the mining industry

Gold 2003
T. Skinner, Fording Coal Limited, Calgary, Alberta, R. Hall, UBC, Vancouver, BC, M. Sahebkar, Fording Coal Limited, Calgary, Alberta
Abstract In recent years, the mining industry has been inundated with new technologies and software systems to aid in productivity improvement. Accompanying this increased level of technology and computer systems has been the exponential growth in data sources and sinks for all aspects of a mining operation. This rapid growth in data and technology has evolved through vendor “push” approaches and user “pull” scenarios, the result of which has been that currently, no standards exist defining how data from new technology should be accessed and transferred from surface mining equipment and systems. Consequently, many incremental benefits of the systems have not been realized. This paper will present a discussion of this important issue and introduce a new committee formed to address standards to assist the industry in making effective use of current and future technology. Potential benefits accruing from the development of these standards will be illustrated through the use of a case study at Fording Coal Limited.
Keywords: Mobile equipment, Technology, Drilling, Blasting, Case study.
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