IO2 - Intelligent Optimization of Industrial Operations

CIM Vancouver 2002
Laura Motolla, Robert Wylie, Roderick Monk, Qi Zhao,
Abstract Fundamental changes in the Mining and Extraction processes at Syncrude have led to the integration of all operations. Successful operation of the integrated operation requires coordinated effort of several business units. The job of the decision-makers has become more complex and they would benefit from better tools. IO2 is a collaborative effort to develop a prototype of a distributed intelligent decision making / support system for an integrated short term planning - fleet allocation and dispatch - maintenance system. The prototype includes three modules (planning, dispatch and maintenance), a shared database and a simulation module. This prototype is used to plan and operate a simulated mining operation. It is used to demonstrate architecture, algorithms, the information flows and interactions necessary for improving the overall performance. While the problem is demonstrated using Syncrude’s operation, the methodology is applicable to most integrated resource allocation problems.
Keywords: resource allocation, decision support tools, integrated operation
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