Development of Pasquia Hills Oil Shale Deposits

CIM Vancouver 2002
P.Eng. PhD. Baki Ozum, P.Geol. Dennis Nikols, PhD. P.Geol. P.Biol. John D. (Jack) Campbell, M.Sc. P.Geol. Robert V. Hardy,
Abstract B. Ozum(1), D. Nikols(2), J.D. Campbell(3) and R.V. Hardy(4)

Early evaluations of Pasquia Hills oil shale deposits by Geological Survey of Canada, Saskatchewan Geological Survey, Manitoba Energy and Mines and Sun Oil Company, using modified Fischer assay, Rock-Eval and other techniques, estimated recoverable reserves of about 2.6x109 barrels of oil in areas favorable for strip-mining; each metric ton of ore was determined to yield about 30 L to 50 L of shale oil remarkably high in aromatic compounds. Western Petrochemical Corp. is holding two Oil Shale Exploration Permits covering about 76,635 hectares in the Pasquia Hills Region of eastern Saskatchewan and conducting a 15-corehole drilling program to determine stratigraphic correlation on both first and second white specks oil shale. Also in this program, correlation will be established between the oil yield and oil quality, and retort techniques used including modified Fischer assay, steam retort and Rock-Eval. Results will lead to further resource evaluation and to a preliminary engineering design for a shale processing plant, including selection of retort process, upgrading of shale oil to petrochemical feedstock, hydrogen management, energy balance and evaluation of environmental impact.

(1) Apex Engineering Inc., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
(2) Retread Resources Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
(3) Jaycon Reconnaissance, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
(4) Earthworks Geoscience Corp., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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