The post-failure characteristics of rock. Pt 1: Intact and broken rock

CIM Vancouver 2002
Tim Grain JOSEPH,
Abstract A strain-softening constitutive relationship is
introduced that describes the post-failure
stress-strain curve for rock regardless of whether
the rock is intact or broken. The core of this
relationship is an "apparent friction" concept
that relates the post-failure apparent cohesive
and frictional characteristics of the rock to the
strain. The relationship can be determined for a
given rock via a series of tri-axial strength
tests establishing the peak strength and
corresponding strain for a range of confining
pressures, together with the determination of the
base angle of friction via a simple tilt test.
The postulates and assumptions used in deriving
this relationship are verified from results of
tri-axial tests on both intact and
Keywords: Intact rock, Post-failure behaviour, Broken rock
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