Textural Evaluation of Ore Minerals for Metallurgical Processes

CIM Vancouver 2002
Mike Ounpuu, Anastassios Tassos Grammatikopoulos,
Abstract The primary requisite for a successful extractive metallurgy operation is to grind an ore sufficiently to recover the economic minerals from gangue minerals. The recovery will be dependent on the degree of liberation and/or exposure of the valuable minerals for the process to be successful. The ease of liberating or exposing the mineral grains is dependent upon the mineral textures such as grain size, crystallinity and bonding between mineral grains, and thus has a tremendous influence on the development of the flowsheet for a deposit.

The paper reviews and discusses several mineralogical techniques in the textural examination of ore samples. In the last few years, there is intensified interest in mineralogical applications which are utilize to determine metallurgical variability due to mineralogical differences, and influence the metallurgical flowsheet development. The paper uses case studies to demonstrate the value and effectiveness of mineralogical parameters in the ore processing.
Keywords: Textural Evaluation, Applied mineralogy, metallurgical flowsheet, Metallurgical processes, Degree of Liberation, Ore Textures
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