Optimizing Performance in Heavy Equipment Teleoperation

CIM MineSpace 2001
Jean-François Lapointe, Jean-Marc Robert, Pierre Boulanger,
Abstract Many advances have been made concerning the automation of heavy equipment teleoperators such as those found in mining. Complete automation, however, is not achieved yet and the operation of these vehicles still relies on the presence of a human operator.

Hopefully, a lot research has been done in order to improve the performance of these human-machine systems. This paper presents the characteristics of different control modes and input devices used for the control interface of those telemanipulators. We describe the benefits and drawbacks of each particular control interface on the overall system performance, based on a review of research in the field. We conclude with some recommendations and a discussion of future research needs, given the new potential advances offered by virtual environment technology and embedded computing.
Keywords: Heavy Equipment, Human-Machine Systems, Performance, Virtual environments, Control Interface
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