Life Cycle Economics of Haul Roads for Large Trucks

CIM MineSpace 2001
Dwayne Tannant,
Abstract As haul trucks become larger, haul roads take on a more significant role in mining costs and economics. The School of Mining at the University of Alberta has compiled a design manual for haul roads using both empirical and theoretical information. One section of this manual deals with the economics of haul road construction and this section is summarized in this paper.

The economics of haul road construction is more complicated than just calculating the cost of road construction. For a true understanding of haul road economics, all life-cycle costs including construction and removal, impact on fleet productivity, differential road maintenance, extra fleet operating and maintenance costs, extra stripping, and the time value of money must be considered. Since few mines run full life-cycle economics analysis of haul road construction and removal, the road designs may not be optimized.

This paper presents a methodology for conducting a life-cycle cost analysis of haul road economics. Two generic examples are presented that illustrate the impact of road design on mine economics: one example shows the impact of road width on deep open pit economics and the other compares temporary versus semi-permanent roads for in-pit haulage.
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