Inference of the gas flowrates

CIM MineSpace 2001
Claude Gosselin, Sami Makni, Simon Rochon Tremblay, Hubert Vallée, Daniel Hodouin, Claude Bazin,
Abstract Each one of the two CMQC pellet induration furnaces processes 600 tons per hour of a hematite concentrate. The furnace is a complex counter-current heat exchanger that requires an accurate monitoring and control system to produce a pellet of required mechanical properties. The information delivered by 70 sensors (mainly pressure and temperature transducers) is processed for the manipulation of the five fans and the nine fuel burner zones. Unfortunately the major process variables with respect to the furnace control, i.e. the solid and gas flowrates in the various zones of the furnace, are not measured. A method is proposed for the on-line estimation of these variables. It is based on a set of 65 equations relating the gas flowrates, in the ducts, fans and through the pellet bed, to the pressures and temperatures. The communication shows that, providing the installation of two solid weightometers, it is possible to infer the gas flowrates and that they could advantageously be used in the furnace control strategy.
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