Benefits of pillar destressing in narrow vein mining

Symposium on Vein Deposits
Joseph Marwan,
Abstract Overhand cut-and-fill mining of narrow vein orebodies inevitably lead to the creation of horizontal pillars. As the thickness of the overlying crown pillar diminihes stresses build up in the pillar, and more often than not, this situation is accompanied by an increased level of seimisicity and possible pillar burst. One well-known strategy to alleviate the hazard of sill and crown pillar burst in cut-and-fill mining is destress blasting. The paper discusses, with reference to mie case studies, the benefits of well-timed destress blasting. The role of critical parameters such as depth, tectonics, and vein geomtery are discussed. The pros and cons of vein destressing versus wall destressing are also presented.
Keywords: Rockburst, Destress blasting, Narrwo vein, Seismicity, Cut-and-fill
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