Mineralogy and predictive metallurgy of major types of gold ores

CIM Journal, Vol. 4, No. 3, 2013
J. Zhou Joe Zhou Mineralogy Ltd., Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Based on mineralogical characteristics and processing techniques required,
gold ores can be classified into 12 types: gold placers, quartz vein-lode ores,
oxidized ores, silver-rich ores, iron oxide copper-gold ores, porphyry
copper-gold ores, iron sulphide ores, arsenic sulphide ores, antimony sulphide
ores, bismuth sulphide ores, telluride ores, and carbonaceous sulphide ores. The
bulk mineralogy and gold deportment of each ore type differs and may have a
significant impact on ore processing and metal extraction. This paper summarizes
the bulk mineralogy and gold deportment in some major types of gold ore and
discusses the potential impact of gold deportment on gold
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