Scale field tests and visual modelling to evaluate a curved front dipper concept

CIM Journal, Vol. 2, No. 3, 2011
T. G. Joseph, N. Shi
Abstract A prototype test dipper (at 1/20th volume and a geometric operating scale of 2.85) was compared during field trials against a conventional dipper with the same tare weight using the same test shovel. Both dippers followed similar dig trajectories, invoked by the shovel operator. A Microsoft® Visual Basic-embedded spreadsheet was used to interpret qualitative visual and quantitative numerical loading data collected on the hoist and crowd dig response. Overall the concept dipper, even with a 50% greater capacity, provided indications of a smoother dig cycle with lower peak hoist loading events and a lower energy per unit excavated.
Keywords: Dippers, Curved, Scale, Modelling, Field tests
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