Scaling analysis via geometric and performance data for shovel dipper design

CIM Journal, Vol. 2, No. 4, 2011
T. G. Joseph, N. Shi
Abstract One-twentieth-scale field trials for conventional and concept dipper designs were compared to mid- and ultra-class-sized conventional dipper performance. Digging effort was used as the performance indicator for comparison. It was shown that linear relationships exist between dipper capacity, suspended hoist load, and peak hoist load. A ratio of conventional and concept dipper performance at the 1/20th scale was then evaluated to allow prediction of the performance of an ultra-class concept design using an independent ultra-class conventional dipper dataset. The outcome indicated a peak hoist requirement of 15.5% less to achieve the same production as the conventional design.
Keywords: Dippers, Scaling, Performance, Geometric, Analysis, Field data
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