1999-2000 - Gerald L. Bolton 
1998-1999 - Yves Harvey 
1997-1998 - Alexander Laird 
1996-1997 - Donald J. Worth
1995-1996 - Giorgio Massobrio
1994-1995 - William Almdal
1993-1994 - David S. Robertson
1992-1993 - A.D. Anton
1991-1992 - William E. Stanley
1990-1991 - Peter Tarassoff


Gerald L. Bolton
(Biography 1999-2000)

Gerald L. Bolton 

Gerry Bolton, is a native of Athabasca, Alberta, and now lives in Fort Saskatchewan. He joined CIM in 1975, and after a short lapse, rejoined in 1980, and has been a member ever since. An active member of the Metallurgy Society of CIM, he was it's president from 1992 to 1993. He has been a member of both the 1994 and 1997 CIM Strategic Planning process. He is a Fellow of CIM, and in 1996, was a CIM Distinguished Lecturer when he gave lectures at 14 CIM Branch meetings and universities.


Mr. Bolton is currently Vice-President, Metallurgy Technologies Fort Saskatchewan Operations. A metallurgist and graduate of the University of Alberta in Chemistry, he worked for Northwest Pulp and Paper, Hudson Bay Oil and Gas, and many years with Sherritt Inc.


Mr. Bolton is active in many professional associations, and an advisor on a number of industry boards and committees. He has numerous published patents. He has not limited his professional development to metallurgical engineering subjects, but has also taken a number of courses including strategic planning and quality improvement.





Yves Harvey
(Biography 1998-1999)

 Yves Harvey

Dr. Harvey obtained a Ph.D. in economic geology from Université Laval, Quebec, in 1984. He also holds a Master's degree in geological engineering, which he obtained from Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal, in 1975.


Yves Harvey joined SOQUEM in 1978 as senior geologist, exploration. He left SOQUEM in 1984 to work for Roche ltée, Groupe-Conseil until 1989, after which he returned to SOQUEM as executive vice-president, human resources. Currently, he is president and executive director.

Dr. Harvey is a member of the following professional associations: Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec; Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum; The Association of Quebec Prospectors; and the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada. He has also published numerous technical papers. He serves on the board of directors of SOQUEM INC., Cambior Inc. and the Association minière du Québec inc.


Dr. Harvey has been active in the CIM Quebec Branch and has served continuously in several positions: as Branch Chairman in 1991-1992 and Councillor in 1995-96. He has also served as Vice-President, District 2 in 1995-1997. He worked as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Institute in 1993-94 and chaired the Committee on Relations between Districts and Societies/Divisions of CIM.


Dr. Harvey received the CIM Past Presidents' Memorial Medal in 1994 and the CIM District 2 Distinguished Service Medal in 1996.





Alexander Laird

(Biography 1997-1998)

Alexander Laird 

A native of Invermere, British Columbia, he graduated from The University of British Columbia in 1957 with a second class standing in mining engineering. For over thirty years, Alexander Laird worked for Placer Dome Inc.


In 1957, he was an assistant geologist for Northwest Explorations Ltd. (KENNCO), Vancouver. In November 1957, he worked as a mining engineer for Western Nickel Ltd. in Hope, British Columbia. He was a field engineer for Granby Mines Co. Ltd in Allenby, British Columbia, and in March 1960, he was the mine engineer for Mastodon Zinc Mines Ltd in Revelstoke, British Columbia.


Joining the Placer Dome Development Group in November 1960, he continued working in British Columbia's mining industry until June 1968 when he became resident manager of the Marcopper Mining Corporation in the Philippines. In 1971, he returned to Vancouver to become the senior mining engineer, operations. January 1974 marked the beginning of his American stint with the company. He was the mine manager of the McDermitt Mine in Nevada until 1977 when he was appointed manager of mines for Placer Amex Inc. in San Francisco. His world-hopping continued in 1981, when he was appointed general manager of Kidstone Gold Mines Ltd. in Sydney, Australia.


Returning to Canada in 1985, he held numerous positions in the company including manager of design and communication, vice-president, project developments and senior vice-president, project developments before assuming the title of senior vice-president in 1995.


A CIM member since 1958, Mr. Laird is also a member of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers and the Philippine Society of Mining, Metallurgical and Geological Engineers.


Mr. Laird has also served as a director of the Nevada Mining Association and the Mining Association of British Columbia.





Donald J. Worth

(Biography 1996-1997)

Donald J. Worth 
Don Worth became the 89th President of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum on the concluding day of the 98th Annual General Meeting, in Edmonton, April 28 - May 2, 1996.


A native of Northern Ontario, Don Worth joined the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in 1964, after serving 10 years at various mining operations in Canada and Mexico. Mr. Worth holds an M. Sc. in mining engineering from the University of Toronto, and is a Registered Professional Engineer.


A familiar face at CIM since he first joined in 1964, Don Worth has been an active member at local branches across the country in the course of his career in the mineral industry, and more recently at the Toronto Branch. He served as Chairman of the CIM Finance Committee and as a member of the Executive Committee of Council. Mr. Worth's many achievements through the years have been honoured by the Institute. He received the Robert Elver Mineral Economics Award in 1986 and the Distinguished Service Medal in 1989. He was also the recipient of the 1991 Distinguished Service Award of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada. Mr. Worth is a Director of the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame.