Developing integrated geological models for resource evaluation and exploration advancement at the Back River gold project, Nunavut, Canada

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr. Kaesy Gladwin
Sabina Gold & Silver Corp.’s Back River project comprises a number of gold deposits and prospects across several properties south of Bathurst Inlet in Nunavut, Canada. Gold mineralization at Back River is typically hosted in a 3-15m (but locally up to 40m) thick oxide iron formation horizon within a clastic sedimentary basin. Several generations of felsic and mafic intrusions cut the sedimentary rocks. The Back River region has undergone several episodes of deformation resulting in tightly folded, refolded, and faulted stratigraphy. Economic mineralization is controlled by stratigraphy and structure.
The tightly folded and polydeformed stratigraphy of Back River is not easily constructed from drilling and surface mapping using traditional plan- and section-type geological interpretation and model creation workflows. Modern implicit modeling software provides a platform for merging of diverse datasets and formats, and enables the efficient creation and modification of sound 3D deposit models, as well as exploration-stage models and variations. Less time spent wrangling software means more time available to analyze and incorporate diverse new and historical datasets and interpretations. This improves the quality and robustness of deposit models over traditional methods, with new approaches to the generation and testing of exploration targets.
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