Interesting facts about Red Lake's history

Shared by Bill & Jeannette Kostyunk

Larry Wilding was employed by Mr. Michel (owner & baker of the Lakeview Restaurant) to work his claims in the Dixie Lake Area. Larry transported his helper Clint Campbell and all the equipment for the job with his dog team. Larry went on to marry the widow owner of Selco in Hamilton, where he lives today.

Bill Hall (an early Red Lake entrepeneur) had a lime kiln at Pipe Stone Bay in the mid 1930s. He employed approximately ten men mining the open pit and hauled the lime by horse drawn wagons to his kiln where he roasted the lime and bagged it. It was then transported to Red Lake via a scow.

The Red Lake community’s mining history is reported & displayed at the Red Lake Museum. The municipal office in Balmertown is home to the Erle Crull Rock and Mineral Collection which displays rocks and minerals from around the world.