Keys to successful monitoring of evaporite and coal mines.

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 91, No. 1020, 1998
E. De Souza, Department of Mining Engineering, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
Abstract The instrumentation and monitoring of rock behaviour have played an important and necessary role in the practice of potash, rocksalt, gypsum, trona and coal mining. The art of rock instrumentation applied to soft rock and coal mining has progressively evolved over the past years and will surely continue to advance at a faster pace in the future as a result of the technological revolution we experience today. The development of sophisticated mine-wide data communications systems is being used for instrumentation and sensor automation, and laser, sonar and geophysics technology are being continuously adapted for rock monitoring purposes. In this paper, the author provides an overview of typical rock instrumentation used today and offers some views of the progressive evolution in rock mechanics instrumentation sophistication and design.
Keywords: Rock mechanics, Instrumentation, Monitoring, Soft rock mines, Coal mines.
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