Environment and the law

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 84, No. 952, 1991
David H. Searle and Matthew S. Bingham*, Davis and Company, Vancouver, British Columbia
Abstract One of the most significant developments in environmental law has been the development of mandatory project review processes, at both the federal and provincial levels.
The most recent initiatives taken by British Columbia are twofold. First, the Mine Development Review Process which was in the form of a guideline, has been replaced by the Mine Development Assessment Act. Second, the Major Project Review Process has been formulated and is to apply to four main categories of major projects:1. Pulp and paper production;2. Mineral smelting and refining;3. Chemical products; and4. Major ports and marinas.
Energy projects are governed by the Energy Project Review Process which is legislatively mandated under the Utilities Commission Act.
Keywords: Environment, Project review processes, Legal definition, Bill C-78, Environmental mediation.
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