Spontaneous Combustion A Coal Mining Hazard

CIM Bulletin1973
K. K. FENG, Research Scientist, Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory, R. N. CHAKRAVORTY, Research Scientist (term), and T. S. COCHRANE, Manager, Mining Research Centre, Mines Branch, Ottawa
There is growing evidence that modern methods of mining coal increase the risk of spontaneous combustion. Seemingly unimportant at this time, this hazard could prove to be a barrier to growth and development of the coal industry in some areas of Canada. The paper presents bedrock knowledge on spontaneous combustion gathered by scanning and evaluating current technical and research literature. Special efforts have been made to identify significant coal and environmental factors and to establish criteria for susceptibility. In addition to the state-of-the-art knowledge, preliminary results from on-going studies are discussed.
Keywords: chemical engineering, Detection of Underground Spontaneous Combustion, Spontaneous Heating in Coal Mines, Western Canada, Coal, Coal mine, Heating, Mine, Mines, mining, Research, Spontaneous combustion
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