Mine Evaluation and Production Scheduling (MEPS)

CIM Bulletin1973
H. C. W. BOSMAN, Operations Research Supervisor, Data Processing Services, Cominco ltd., Trail, British Columbia
Over the past five years, contributions from geologists and mining engineers were instrumental in the successful development of MEPS. It is a system of FORTRAN programs specifically designed to be used by mining personnel to solve geological and mining problems. MEPS is a flexible keyword-driven system. Extensive error editing procedures significantly reduce the time required to proceed from problem recognition to solution. Possibly the most attractive feature of MEPS is that computer solutions may be guided or selectively modified to obtain desired solutions.
Keywords: Calculations, Computer, Computers, Contour, Data, Geological data, geological, MEPS, open-pit, ore, Trail, British Columbia, mining, Pits, Production
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