Truck Selection and Application at Hilton

CIM Bulletin1971
L. PRICE and R. HORTIE, The Hilton Mines, Shawville, Que
Movement of ore and waste from the Hilton Mines pit is accomplished by truck haulage. With the aim of reducing costs, a study of truck fleet replacement was initiated. The study included on-site short-term tests and longerterm rental purchase agreements for haulage trucks. The operation and maintenance characteristics of different trucks, along with projected haulage conditions, were used to prepare cash flows, from which the most advantageous trucks were selected. The results of the study and implementation of the recommendations gave a cost saving greater than had been estimated. The study also indicated areas wher,e improvements could be made, and resulted in much more attention being paid to road conditions, the training of operators and mechanics, and the development of a practical preventative maintenance scheme.
Keywords: cash flow, Eagle River, Wisconsin, granite, open-pit, truck, Cost, Costs, Maintenance, Mine, Mines, Model, Truck, Trucks
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