An Outsider Looks at the Problems of AppraisaI of Industrial Mineral Deposits

CIM Bulletin1971
JACK F. McOUAT and ROSS D. LAWRENCE, Vice-Presidents, Watts, Griffis and McOuat Limited, Toronto, Ontario
Most geologists and mining engineers, in the course of their professional careers, frequently become involved with the app,raisal of metalliferous mineral deposits and develop a familiarity with and standard approach to the evaluation of these deposits. When the same individuals approach the industrial mineral field, however, their usual approach pattern can be rudely disturbed. This paper highlights the difference in appraisal approach and outlines the factors common to both but which have entirely different emphasis. These comprise geological appraisal, analytical requirements, the importance of transportation, marketing requirements and standards, including appropriate allowances for product development, and marketing penetration. Out of these "diff.erent" considerations, however, a pattern or standard approach emerges which is as common to the industrial mineral field as that used either consciously or subconsciously in the metallic field. The paper reviews the different factors and points of emphasis and offers an outline of the common pattern of appraisal for industrial minerals.
Keywords: asbestos, chrysotile, industrial minerals, magnesite, mineral deposit, Clay, Clays, Deposits, Industrial minerals, Markets, mineral, minerals
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