Canadian Mining in the Seventies

CIM Bulletin1970
A. E. BOONE, Director, Product Planning, Joy Manufacturing Company (Canada) Limited, Galt, Ontario
The paper presents critical areas in which improved coordination of effort by industry, government and suppliers will be essential to continue the growth record of the Canadian mining industry into the 'seventies'. The analysis includes: exploration, production, mining methods, research and development, markets, management and industrial relations. Performance objectives are suggested where tangible results can be measured. The author suggests the methods by which the 'seventies' can be the greatest decade in the history of Canadian mining. It is indicated that a national mineral policy is essential to the Canadian mineral industry.
Keywords: Canadian, Canadian Mineral Exploration, Canadian Mining Journal, Dominion Bureau of Statistics, mineral industry, Western Canada, Growth, mineral, Mineral industry, minerals, Minerals industry, mining, Production
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