Introduction to Wabush Mines

CIM Bulletin1969
H. P. WHALEY, General Manager, Wabush Mines, Pointe Noire, Que. ( Pickands Mather & Co., Managing Agent)
This paper introduces Wabush Mines, including its ownership, physical assets, capacity, goals and achievements. It is to be followed by four papers which will present the detailed story. Wabush Mines, the largest supplier of iron ore to the Canadian steel industry, was brought into production in 1965. The ore is mined and concentrated in Wabush, Labrador, Newfoundland and pelletized at Pte. Noire, Quebec. Annual capacity is over 6,000,000 tons of high-grade iron ore pellets.
Keywords: Wabush, iron ore, open-pit, Pointe Noire, manganese
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