Tertiary Mineral Deposits of Vancouver Island

The metalliferous deposits of Vancouver Island have generally been assigned to the Mesozoic "Coast Range Orogeny." However, a metallogenic study by the writer has revealed that several important classes are early or middle Tertiary. Included are porphyry coppers, and gold-quartz, arsenic and copper-arsenic veins. The porphyry coppers and many gold-quartz veins within and adjacent to Oligocene-Eocene quartz diorite intrusive complexes. Arsenic and copper-arsenic veins have a close spatial relationship to sills and laccoliths of Oligocene dacite porphyry which intrude the late Cretaceous Nanaimo Group.
Keywords: copper, dacite, quartz diorite, tertiary, Vancouver Island, Deposits, Diorite, Intrusions, quartz, Vancouver Island, Veins
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