Hydrometallurgical Treatment of Oxidized Nickel-Cobalt Concentrate

The cobalt production of the Chemical Metallurgical Division of Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited was supplemented, from May, 1962, to June, 1964, by processing 3,500 tons of a calcined cobalt-nickel concentrate. This paper describes the reduction roast - aqueous sulphuric acid leach process and the operating practices employed in recovering cobalt, nickel and copper from this oxidized by-product of a lead-copper operation. Incorporated in this paper is a description of how this process was integrated with the existing ammonia leach - hydrogen reduction process for the recovery of nickel and with the soluble cobaltic ammine process for the recovery of cobalt.
Keywords: Acid, Ammonia, cobalt, hydrogen sulphide, Production of Nickel, sulphuric acid, Calcine, Cobalt, copper, Iron, metals, nickel, Reduction
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