Continuous Mining with a Wilcox Auger Miner in Low Coal

CIM Bulletin1964
J.C. Marsh Mining Engineer, Bros d'Or Cool Co., Ltd., Bros d'Or, Novo Scotia
This paper deals with the use of the Wilcox auger miner in the continuous mining operations being carried out
at the Four Star mine of the Bras d'Or Coal Company, Ltd., Broughton, N.S., an all-conveyor underground coal
mine operating the Tracy seam. Roof bolting and transportation are discussed, and the Wilcox auger miner is
described. A large part of the paper is then devoted to the actual operation, with special emphasis on the problems involved in using mechanized mining units in a low and "Pitching coal seam with a heavy cover.
Keywords: Auger Miner, chain conveyor, coal mine, conveyors, Bolts, Coal, Continuous miners, conveyors, Mines, mining, Operation, Roof bolting
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